Saturday, December 5, 2009


Every moment counts today;
Time flies on its swift wing;
And time for departure has come,
This very word kills my happiness;
I wish I could halt the time
As I want to be longer in your arms.

Do you realize, my dear?
How much will I miss you?
Will you miss me as I do?
I know you will in silence,
I can read your turmoil mind
From tears and quavering lips.
We both know we must depart,
As nothing stays together forever
Yet this very word gores my heart
And pain shall remain till eternity;
When you go away far far away
With scant chance to meet again.

I know you will go to west
And I must go to east;
But have ever thought a thought
That you will be in my heart forever,
There will always be space in my heart
In case we meet again.

After this sad departure from here
Will you remember me as today?
I will always remember you dear,
And say, ‘one I had pretty friend’;
Hope you will happily keep me
In your beating heart forever.
My dear, give me your rare smile
Before I disappear from here;
Like a good mom, wish me with kiss
But never shed a single tear
For it will hurt my emotions
And will leave scar in my heart.

My heart is now in storm
Not knowing how to float on;
I have no words to say
Yet I don’t want to go away;
Hope you won’t mind my dear
If I stay here a little longer.

I see tears brimming in your eyes
I don’t want to see it falling
For it will force my tear out,
And make me unable to move;
Please, my dear, give me a smile
Then I will bid you goodbye.

Goodbye, my dear goodbye
Till I exit, you will wave for me
With smiles on your red lips;
Your tears will kill me
Though I know its tear of love
Goodbye, my love goodbye.

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