Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Preparation For Marriage

Marriage is human bondage created by an illusion called love which wears of after certain period of time. Your partner is your jailor who pretends to care about you when she/ he wants your service and care. Children, as innocent as angels, are nought but rope that tether you to herd curtailing your own freedom. We, as human beings have tendency to sacrifice our own happiness for marriage, family and security though there is no guarantee that they will be near you when you need them.

Keeping all this in mine, I am preparing for biggest occasion of my life i.e., marriage. I want to enjoy after marriage like I am enjoying now( if I can, more than now) without causing disharmony in my relation with spouse. As a first step of preparation, I am reading a book ( Lord be praised for it is first book I read other than textbook) called “how to cheat your spouse without arousing suspicion.” It doesn’t guarantee hundred person applicability but for starter who wants to cheat his spouse, it is excellent book I can recommend to every male who wants to cheat his wife( I know most men cheat but unfortunately some are caught). For me, it is an excellent opportunity to learn arts of cheating and arts of pretension of loving wife if I get bored with her.

Then, I have another book in the shelf tittled, “How to Catch Cheating Spouse’’ as precaution against my future wife if she gets suspicious. This is also good book and I can recommend it to woman who gets cheated but like first book, it doesn’t guarantee hundred percent applicability.

Lastly, I thank my teachers for briefing me every now and then on importance of reading else I wouldn’t have known such idea exist in the books that are beyond textbooks.

***Please wish me luck in my future marriage..hehehe.

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