Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pride in Losing Virginity

‘Virginity is not dignity but it is lack of opportunity,’ I saw on shirt of passerby in metro. This Unique Selling Proposition of shirt company compels me to ponder over the virginity and those virgins. Everyday, I lustfully look at massive buttock of Delhi girls which swings from side to side like big-bobbed pendulum. Sometimes, I steal glance at girls’ breasts which are bigger than biggest water melons. I wish I can dip my pen into their inkpot sometimes but I am sure that, despite their massive assets, most of the girls are damn virgin. They are virgin because they are born into conservative family, not because they don’t want to taste world’s sweetest edibles. I pity them because I know most of the girls stealthily watch abundantly available porn in internet. They just don’t get to test real one despite their wildest fantasy. Moreover, my greatest sympathy lies with my college boys who like to think themselves as superstars.

Some even ask me if I had sex. When I answer in affirmative, they look at me incredulously as if they wanted me to be their sex guru. To elevate my self-importance and boast about my naughty adventures, I tell them I had slept with atleast 50 women though I never slept with more than 15 women including five married women. Some of you may wonder, why I boast about women. Some might think that I am man of loose tongue. But the truth is I am none. I don’t name women I have rendezvous escapade with. I just boast myself when I am among noisy Indian colleagues, because I want them to feel useless with all those very very sexy Zatak sprayed on their hairy body.

I also boast just to satisfy my ego. In the high school when I said I was virgin, nobody used to believe me but some would laugh at me. Some used to ask me if I masturbate. I frankly told them, I don’t even shake my spear, let aside stimulating it, to which most teased me if I were celibate.

I was not celibate but I was shy guy who wouldn’t dare to touch woman even if they slept with me. Besides, I was highly immersed in my study- memorizing half understood texts. Anyway, after my class xii examination, I did it with woman who always used to brand me gay. It was my first experience with shiver creeping through my spine. After that there is no looking back. I go on dipping my pen into even unknown inkpot.

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