Sunday, December 6, 2009

Climate Change In Bhutan

Climate change is reality and it is turning into nightmares soon. In last twenty years, climate change has become extreme while leaders of the world still wait to see more dramatic disasters of climate changes and global warming. World leaders talk about climate change as if it is overused jargon. Developed country wants developing country to minimize the carbon emission while developing countries blamed developed country for global warming. There is no consensus and serious talk on fighting climate change. For twenty years, nations has meet annually to do something about it and every nation promise to cut down emission of carbon related harmful gases by certain percentages but they keep on increasing the scale of industries.
This time too in Copenhagen, 192 nations conference is going to be held on climate changes and some hoped that the change in leadership in US administration will bring some positives changes and all-encompassing packages. Meanwhile, in Bhutan climate change is not an alien idea but realized nightmares. This year, Bhutan experienced series of earthquakes in eastern Bhutan. Some orthodox people blamed that the natural disater in Bhutan become prominent after democracy which could be due to infidelity of government and people in accepting power from king( likened to God), the truth is these people are not thinking beyond their Pond (Like frog in the pond). Global warming has played its sinister role since few years ago. The melting of glaciers in the north has resulted into many floods and erosion. The operation Thorthongmi is good example. The water has dried up in the villages and some villagers are deserting their villages to another village or migrate to the towns for better livings.
If world don’t act quickily and in time, the end of the world as shown in film “2012 “ will become reality soon. Small country like Bhutan cannot contribute much to reduction of carbon emission as Bhutan only produce negligible amount but it can become one of the first countries to bear the brunt of climate changes. Bhutan and other nations must work hard to bring pressures on those countries who produce high carbon emissions before it is too late.
However on lighter side, I was surprised to see happy face of my uncles in the village. On my recent visit, he happily briefed me that now his field harvest maize twice a year. Earlier he used to grow maize only once in year as it was too cold for second sowing. Then my another uncle told me that his orange tree gave him bigger oranges since last two years and he was planning to grow more orange trees next year. They believed that it could be boon from God of Wealth whom they prayed daily for more harvest and wealth. I laughed with them over such talks. I couldn’t tell them about danger called Global Warming for fear of disappointing them on their belief of God’s blessing. Moreover, when leader cannot understand gravity of climate change, how can simple villagers like my uncles understand.

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