Saturday, December 5, 2009

History of unknown man

Once upon in the sand of time,
Among the ocean of lives
He was a drop, smaller than beady dew
Unnoticed he came and same way disappeared.
Anyway who would notice drop in ocean?

Immortal he longed to be,
Yet death he desired
Like a chubby child for his mother;
They said he disappeared in thin air
Just as he did appear.

He has no name but had a mark,
Some says love for him was cruel,
Other says his dream was shattered
But he has no fame and name,
Who cares the nameless in the street.

In the spring of his life,
Buzzing like bee, they came for him
Then the season of life changed
The winter had come, nobody cared
He disappeared among dry leaves
Like dirt that just get blown.

Once he was synonym of spring
With flowers of success blooming,
Just in time when reaping came,
The fruit of success he have sown
Was slashed down by storm of autumn
The storm that long desired his downfall.

The gem of his life was taken
Then he became lifeless
His body was now breathing object
Like a tree breathing in wind,
He desired but the death
And death he embraced like love.

But then, who would care,
He was just a nameless face
Like a dry leaf in winter
That everybody tramples on,
Oh, he prayed a last prayer
"God, bless who are my foes
As you blessed you are my friend"

And this is history of nameless man.

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