Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Sucking Side of Me

Now, I created my own blog, I ought to give you little introduction of myself. I don’t want to sound self-obsessive guy which I am not but I feel it is my religious duty ( which I don’t believe in) to introduce sucking side of my life. I am Dorji Tenzin. I don’t have muscular little nickname but I will like to be nicknamed Tomlax after the woman I loved most in my life. Well, I still love her but she is no longer with me. Perhaps, I am too economical in my looks to walk with her in rest of her life. Perhaps, I was too protective of our relationship as I certainly was. But now I live just imagining her and meeting only in dream at night which spoiled whole next day. She pops up into my mind like TV ads.Frankly, I moved on from my relationship and I ran into another relationship with a girl whom I loathe to be together because I didn’t want to be lonely. Now, I am hooked to her like fish and she dictated grammar of my life though we are just having casual affairs. I always tell her with promise that I love her though I know I am lying from heart.I am student who hate studies. Actually, I hate my director who is cunningly good in PR and who entertain only praises from students, claiming himself to be cousin of Boney Kapoor and Anil Kapoor. I am mass communication student who never talked in classroom because I hate being pestered by my Indian classmates with their noisy rambles.Well, I grew up my sister saying I am ugly .Perhaps I am but my recent picture tells me that I am not because I know photograph doesn’t lie despite multiple manipulations. Photograph tells me I am handsome guy with beard of bear, face of black egg, body of monkey and colour of night. Oh, I have another good quality; I have voice of donkey.People always look at me awe-struck when I walk because I limp like girl with STI(diseases). I thank God for paralyzing me one and half-years ago because I innocently prayed him to return my girlfriend back to me. I tremble when I write for the same reason and I thank God for helping me to get bad marks( as I can’t finish writing) in college which will of course impede my future.And these qualities are sucking side of me.--

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