Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My First Anger this Year

My First Anger this Year

I was fuming. My body shook like being shaken by storm. I was really annoyed. When I left my room,I never thought, I would lose my temper like I did today. I never lost my temper without pre-plan. Anyway, today I am really pissed off.

As usual, I was late for the college.As I hurried by, college gateguard asked me for ID proof. They had been asking for my ID proof since one week ago. I told them,I was never given the ID card since a year ago. Previously they used to let me in after registering at gate register book but today I was warned I will never be allowed in the college campus.

It really boiled me and I barged in cursing Director’s hated name and blaming everything to college management. Three guards tried to pacify me but I walked directly into office without even registering my name.

The seed for my anger was sown one year ago. I asked college Chief Proctor cum Welfare Dean to renew my ID card. They took my old ID card and was asked to meet after two weeks. After two weeks, they told me to wait for another two weeks. Since then, many ‘two weeks’ have passed and even four welfare deans have been changed. They kept on procastinating till I wrote to director, 8 pages letters of dissatisfactions, three weeks ago.

Management started shifting blames to each other.still, I was not given ID card asking me to meet next day on one pretext or another. Sometimes, they lied they forgot the key. Another time, they would asked me to wait and slipped away from back door. Still at other times, they will simply asked me too meet at evening which meant they would run away while I was in the class.

Today, it was different. I was made to wait for five minutes. I waited at reception room just to be confronted by Security Chief. I plainly shouted at him asking him to ask their bosses. Those bosses who were nearby looked at with wide- eyed. I just told them I paid Rs. 15000 every year as foreigner fees on top of three lakhs tuition fees and I wasn’t asking for their favour. I was asking to do their duties only.

Five minutes later Academic Dean called me and told me that I should wait till evening. I plainly told her that I wasn’t going to budge an inch from her office till she gave me ID card. I was fed up waiting for them to call. After many calls here and there, I was given ID within one hour. “here is your ID card. Are you satisfied now?’’ she asked. “Yes, here it is. In my country, I would have been granted Audience of king twice in this duration of time if I request for.’’ I walked with angry glance at her furrowing forehead.

Then I walked to gate and showed my ID to guard telling them I was not terrorist and asking them never to ask me again. The security chief studied my serious demonic countenance and mumbled, “ koi baat nahi sir, apka khayal rakna.’’

To cool off my hot head, I went for cold drinks. There one of my Bhutanese friends asked me, “you know tomorrow is Nganpa Guzom(meeting of nineevils)?’’

I wondered if it was effect of Nganpa Guzom because village elders used to tell me one should quarel in this day to ward of evil.

“Have Nice Nganpa Guzom’’

From FD on 22/ Dec/ 2009

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