Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Toilet; A Right Place to Think

In the Quiz Show ‘Dos Ka Dum’ hosted by indian superstar Salman Khan, there was question which he asked to actor Deepika Padukone( of Om Shanti Om fame)and director Farah Khan (of Om Shanti Om fame); what percentage of Indians think in the toilet. Honestly, I don’t rember the exact figure but it was more than 60%. People think more in the washroom than we know.

Lately, I have been mulling over the idea and I found myself thinking while I was doing toilet. Washroom is really a nice place to think. It is peaceful place. Nobody disturbs you except for your own moaning trying to pump out waste. With 4/5 feet space, there is not much space that diverts your attention. In the room or outside, you get lost in beauty of scenery,in disorderness of your room furnishment, disturbances from your family and so on. But in toilet, you are alone left to yourself even if it is for five minutes.

Great many ideas can be conceived while you are in the toilet. It will be even nice place to pray, if God doesn’t feel desecrated to come to listen to your prayers. We live twenty hours every day.We don’t take even a minutes to think about ourselves in a productive way. Our thoughts get either astrayed by physical beings we see or by noises we hear. Atleast, we can take time to think in the toilet.

There is only one problem that may not let you think in the toilet. That is your own shit with nauseating smell(if it is) or your own toilet with shit piled over the years(if there is). Otherwise, it is nice place to think. Hope, many of you are doing the thinking.

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