Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Right to Vote without Voting( My Doubt)

Let me begin by saying that I neither constitution expert nor expert in democracy. I am just ordinary young citizen, trying to share my wild idea about vote in democratic country.

Lately, I have been thinking about election process in my country during first ever democratic election. It is shame that I didn’t vote as I was away studying and didn’t even apply for postal ballot. The reason because I didn’t know much about two parties of Bhutan. I devour whatever, I could from the net but it wasn’t enough to know about manifesto and vision of the parties. Somehow, I found PDP lacking vision and desperate to win and DPT promising unreasonably as if they were planning even for Gewog Yargay Tshogchung. So, I didn’t even try to vote as my ignorant mind failed to convinced by both the party. I just casually looked at my voting card on election day and prayed for better party to win.

During National Council election, I was too illiterate to understand about democratic process and institution. Many government servant I spoke to, in order to clarify my doubts just shook their head either in dismissal or with sneers. I thought, they all understood except this college going donkey-head(me). Candidates for National Council were also promising many things starting from seeds to farm road. I was later confused about difference between NCs and MPs as they almost promised same things.

Now, I understood bit better about election and democracy, it makes me think that what will I do if I want to vote but under following circumstances;

i) No confidence in all candidates and parties

ii) Confidence in all parties and candidates

In such cases what shall I do? I can’t vote for all parties. I can’t vote for one party and forget others for I am convinced by all parties concerned. And I want to exercise my right to vote? I don’t want to abstain my right to vote.In such case, only one answer came to my mind; I can atleast vote without voting and I need that right. I don’t know if Bhutanese Election Bill has such provision giving right to vote without voting. If there is, I haven’t heard from anybody about third ballot machine for those who want to exercise such rights. I know most people will not exercise that right but incase people do, then what. I would like some expert to clarify my doubt. Please if people from election commission happen to read my dilemma, clarify for me at comment box.

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