Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Loneliness is image in mirror of life

That human may look undisturbed of their act;

Loneliness is shadow haunting single soul,

Into solitude, where only clean mind thrives.

Human crowds always groan human pain

Of pain that shall pain in hell,

And complain like vernal disaccorded shower

Where solitude hear no such human groans.

Like an Ascetic serene out of human bound

Among mirthful breeze of gentleness,

Loneliness erase the memory that gives pain

Of deadly journey we made in life.

Far away, in distant corner of my memory,

Alive and clear, my Nostalgia walks

Like a living ghost in undying legend

And pierce my thought in meaningful pieces.

I don’t remember the groaning pains,

Only see jolly sun sinking happily in west

But memory lingers like blowing candle,

And solitude speaks the past that Hour forgets.

Poets find solace in stillness of loneliness

All get space to ponder in solitude,

To laughed the mirth, to cry in sorrow of past

Those are recorded in abyss of our mind.

That useless language of nature when in crowd,

Rhyme it in spontaneous tune in loneliness,

And decayed words of other day,

Turns into spells of charming talk in loneliness.

Loneliness must travel through human heart

And lodge in room where happiness has gone

To make human think and act the life

With meaningful set up, confrontation and climax.

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