Friday, December 18, 2009

A Scene in my class today

Fades in to the classroom scene; I am sitting here bored to death Sleep seizes my system five second before my lecturer entered.I am trying hard not to fall asleep. I am searching means and ways to defeat intangible warrior called Sleep. I wish I had brought match stick like Mr. Bean (Romcom show) to strectch my eyelids so that I can keep my eyes open.

Cut to my lecturer: he stands there with one hand in his baggy pant pocket. He talks licking his upper lips like kitten licking his jaw after stealing butter. With another hand, he scratches his skull trying to seem wise. He looks so comical with spectacles parked on his funny long nose. He looks at me and finds me nodding.Probably, he thinks, I nod my head in understanding his lectures whereas I was nodding in half-sleep.

Cut to other classmates: the noisy class has become unusually quiet. This is sign that everybody is bored with his verbose lecture. I shake my head and looks around. Manyof them are fighting sleep just like me. An one and half hour period seems like eon.

Cut away of my table: I take out my note bad and write ‘I am bored to death.” The guy near me read the note and whispers in hindi, “ koi parishan hai?’’ I am surprised and shakes my head in negative.

“pher kyun marna chahata hai,’’ he asks me reading my note. “who says I am going to die?’’ I asks him. He looks at me incredulously and points at my note pad. “Hahi to kyun ‘bored to death lektai hai?’’ he counter asked again. Suddenly, I feel stupid as my insufficiency in hindi words could find right words to explain the word, “bored to death.” I smiled with stupidity.

“Kasam khaki tuo aisa kuch nahi karenge,’’ he takes my head on his forehead. “Kasam,’’ I oddly put my hand on his forehead for no reason. He smiles with satisfaction, “trust me as your dost, malab friend,’’ he says, “you don’t talk much. Why?’’ “I have nothing to talk,’’I inform him.

Just then Lecturer squints at me from his oversized spectacles asking, “what are different types and characteristics of quantitative research?’’

It is now my turn to scratch my skull as scene fades out.

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