Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dollar Divine

Nowadays, even God seems to bless people with fat purse and high chair. If you believe, money can’t guarantee your place among disciples of Buddhas and God, you are wrong. You can charm your way into gate of heaven with your bulky purse. If you are poor, don’t expect God to call you to his altar before everyone else is finished. This is how Divinity works these days.

The religion once based on truth and compassion has changed. It is based on money and power. If you have power, you get to know short cut to house of god and if you have money, you can pay your way to House of God.God bless those who can pay and influence. Rest are just waiting to be blessed one time or other.

In Bhutan, powerful and influential people are preferentially treated by followers of Buddha. Those devoted people who don’t mind sitting on dust and mud get blessing at last. In India, if you are at last of the queue, you can drop fifty ruppees into pocket of desciple. You will be shown into through back door. Inside Baba predicts very good things for your future if offered bundles of five-hundred notes at his sacred field.

Bhutanese monk who couldn’t even complete his Khenpo level education and three years meditation goes to United States and flown back as highly respeted lama. They will built small temple and give you ample of ‘wang’ both at his retreat and public place..if you don’t mind fifty ngultrum note into large sack carried by his desciple for devotees to drop valued paper.

Loveliest Love letter for you

In high school, we had gang named ‘Five Friends.’ It was named ‘five friends’ because we were five in number. One day, we decided to write love-letter to a newcomer girl in our class. We all had crush on her. So, we agreed to try our luck and decided to send her letter. We were not supposed to show our letter to one another. So, I wrote letter in simple meaning clearing stating why I loved her.

Dear Momo,

You know mushroom has one leg, hen has two legs,I have three legs, cow has four legs and donkey has five legs. I know you don’t like normal human being with two legs as horse doesn’t like normal animals with four legs, and that is reason why I write to you. As you will be expecting, my third leg is handicapped but it does its duty very well. I hope, you will like extra-ordinarily handicapped guy like me. If you do love handicapped person like me, feel free to reply withouthesitation.

None of us got her reply of acceptance . Still my friends were jealous of me because girl always blushed when she came across me. Friends considered blushes as sign of teenage love. So, I also hid real reason of her blushing to elevate my self-importance.