Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Loneliness is image in mirror of life

That human may look undisturbed of their act;

Loneliness is shadow haunting single soul,

Into solitude, where only clean mind thrives.

Human crowds always groan human pain

Of pain that shall pain in hell,

And complain like vernal disaccorded shower

Where solitude hear no such human groans.

Like an Ascetic serene out of human bound

Among mirthful breeze of gentleness,

Loneliness erase the memory that gives pain

Of deadly journey we made in life.

Far away, in distant corner of my memory,

Alive and clear, my Nostalgia walks

Like a living ghost in undying legend

And pierce my thought in meaningful pieces.

I don’t remember the groaning pains,

Only see jolly sun sinking happily in west

But memory lingers like blowing candle,

And solitude speaks the past that Hour forgets.

Poets find solace in stillness of loneliness

All get space to ponder in solitude,

To laughed the mirth, to cry in sorrow of past

Those are recorded in abyss of our mind.

That useless language of nature when in crowd,

Rhyme it in spontaneous tune in loneliness,

And decayed words of other day,

Turns into spells of charming talk in loneliness.

Loneliness must travel through human heart

And lodge in room where happiness has gone

To make human think and act the life

With meaningful set up, confrontation and climax.

Right to Vote without Voting( My Doubt)

Let me begin by saying that I neither constitution expert nor expert in democracy. I am just ordinary young citizen, trying to share my wild idea about vote in democratic country.

Lately, I have been thinking about election process in my country during first ever democratic election. It is shame that I didn’t vote as I was away studying and didn’t even apply for postal ballot. The reason because I didn’t know much about two parties of Bhutan. I devour whatever, I could from the net but it wasn’t enough to know about manifesto and vision of the parties. Somehow, I found PDP lacking vision and desperate to win and DPT promising unreasonably as if they were planning even for Gewog Yargay Tshogchung. So, I didn’t even try to vote as my ignorant mind failed to convinced by both the party. I just casually looked at my voting card on election day and prayed for better party to win.

During National Council election, I was too illiterate to understand about democratic process and institution. Many government servant I spoke to, in order to clarify my doubts just shook their head either in dismissal or with sneers. I thought, they all understood except this college going donkey-head(me). Candidates for National Council were also promising many things starting from seeds to farm road. I was later confused about difference between NCs and MPs as they almost promised same things.

Now, I understood bit better about election and democracy, it makes me think that what will I do if I want to vote but under following circumstances;

i) No confidence in all candidates and parties

ii) Confidence in all parties and candidates

In such cases what shall I do? I can’t vote for all parties. I can’t vote for one party and forget others for I am convinced by all parties concerned. And I want to exercise my right to vote? I don’t want to abstain my right to vote.In such case, only one answer came to my mind; I can atleast vote without voting and I need that right. I don’t know if Bhutanese Election Bill has such provision giving right to vote without voting. If there is, I haven’t heard from anybody about third ballot machine for those who want to exercise such rights. I know most people will not exercise that right but incase people do, then what. I would like some expert to clarify my doubt. Please if people from election commission happen to read my dilemma, clarify for me at comment box.

A woman’s Prayer To Man’s Organ

The old trunk of the phallus, born long ago in Tsari,

Sits on the throne of two eggs.

Although it has no legs, it can rise

To the heroic one, I prostrate.

Although it has no eyes, it can penetrate

To the mobile one, I prostrate.

Although it has no bone, it is hard

To the ferocious one, I prostrate.

(note; it shouldn’t be taken seriously both by woman and people of Kheng. This is taken from Gaupupa recital text of Gaudpupa Dance of local festival of Kheng)

Pride in Losing Virginity

‘Virginity is not dignity but it is lack of opportunity,’ I saw on shirt of passerby in metro. This Unique Selling Proposition of shirt company compels me to ponder over the virginity and those virgins. Everyday, I lustfully look at massive buttock of Delhi girls which swings from side to side like big-bobbed pendulum. Sometimes, I steal glance at girls’ breasts which are bigger than biggest water melons. I wish I can dip my pen into their inkpot sometimes but I am sure that, despite their massive assets, most of the girls are damn virgin. They are virgin because they are born into conservative family, not because they don’t want to taste world’s sweetest edibles. I pity them because I know most of the girls stealthily watch abundantly available porn in internet. They just don’t get to test real one despite their wildest fantasy. Moreover, my greatest sympathy lies with my college boys who like to think themselves as superstars.

Some even ask me if I had sex. When I answer in affirmative, they look at me incredulously as if they wanted me to be their sex guru. To elevate my self-importance and boast about my naughty adventures, I tell them I had slept with atleast 50 women though I never slept with more than 15 women including five married women. Some of you may wonder, why I boast about women. Some might think that I am man of loose tongue. But the truth is I am none. I don’t name women I have rendezvous escapade with. I just boast myself when I am among noisy Indian colleagues, because I want them to feel useless with all those very very sexy Zatak sprayed on their hairy body.

I also boast just to satisfy my ego. In the high school when I said I was virgin, nobody used to believe me but some would laugh at me. Some used to ask me if I masturbate. I frankly told them, I don’t even shake my spear, let aside stimulating it, to which most teased me if I were celibate.

I was not celibate but I was shy guy who wouldn’t dare to touch woman even if they slept with me. Besides, I was highly immersed in my study- memorizing half understood texts. Anyway, after my class xii examination, I did it with woman who always used to brand me gay. It was my first experience with shiver creeping through my spine. After that there is no looking back. I go on dipping my pen into even unknown inkpot.

Even Beggar Can Choose Nowadays

I walked on footpath casually as I was two hours ahead of my class time for the first time in my life. He was clad in tattered cloth. The clothes he wore were probably unwashed for years. I wish Indian too observed Blessed Rainy Day so that beggar can wash atleast once in a year. He was man in early forties. Atleast that is my assumption. But he looked older than he is. As I strode towards him, he coughed painfully just like guy starving out of starvation. “sahab, do din sai roti nahi khaya, dho ruppee dhijay.” He was literally begging just like hundred of other beggars. He was older than father I have never seen. I checked my pocket for change but the lowest note was 10 ruppee not. I wasn’t ready to part with whole ten ruppees. Finally, I found 50 paisa at corner of my thin purse. I threw on his spread cloth.

“Sahib, 50 paisa Noida pai nahi chalte, Delhi pe chaltihai,’’ he was returning my small gestureof sympathy. I looked at him studying for long. He was not as dirty and starved as he seemed. He had painted with some black paints. “Sahib, -” he watched my reaction as I felt my pocket. He was smiling with anticipation. I coolly picked up my 50 paisa and walked out. I heard him calling, “Sahib, sahib, 50 paisa rak dhi, hum koshish karenge.’’ I didn’t looked back and walked on till I was bothered by another beggar. I didn’t give shit to second beggar too.

30 minutes later, I sat in library and picked Hindustan Times to kill my time. I scanned the paper till something caught my attention. “what is salary of beggar?’’ it was deliberated in Lok Shaba that a beggar earned atleast Rs.500 per day. It was 1500 thousand a months which was more than IAS officer’s salary.

Following day, there was photo of arrested beggar who was carrying four lakhs of money in his dirty clothes which according him was honest money. I was shocked, I have seen one lakh bucks in my life but these guy has four lakhs. Worst, arrested beggar looked just like one who refused 50 paisa one day before.

On the right side, there is another tittle which read, “former model begging…. Former model who walked ramp with Susmita Sen was found begging at Delhi road.” I didn’t know what to think. Since then, I stopped giving alms to beggar unless they are physically crippled. After all, beggar have choice to ask for what they wanted plus they earned triple than what I get.

However, as for former Model, I felt pity.