Sunday, December 13, 2009

Three Superstar Khan in My Room

‘Everyman is hero of his own story’ and so am I. ‘Nobodycan make you inferior without your permission’ and I don’t consider myself less than any superstar in the world. In India, Amir Khan, Sharukh Khan and Salman Khan are considered three biggest Superstars but in my observation, I find Khan in every creature be it girl or boy, man or woman, dog or cat.

For instance, my room itself has three Khans. Lozang is older than us. He keeps on boasting about his sexual escapade as bhutanese film-maker. He wants us believe that he knows everything from camera to animation. He also thinks he is dandy because hairy indian girl of his class proposed to him saying he looks like Jackie Chan. I call him, “Ging Khan ( boisterous Khan).

My friend Sonam always clicks and clenches his teeth in sleep as if he is chewing on pebbles. I call him, Sharud Khan.

I am man who talks about useless things.who sleeps when other studies. Who always do worthless things. I proudly call myself ‘Khungma Khan.’ This all about three Khan(s) in my room. But there there are many Khan(s) outside like Brangfa Khan(sweeper), Tshong tsongkhan (shopkeeper) and end numbers of other khans.

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